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Pattern making software

Pattern Making software is mainly designed for tailoring shops to create pattern for all designs of tailoring garments.


Pattern Making Printout Software

Pattern Making Printout software is mainly designed to reduce the manpower in tailoring shops. In our software we can take perfect paper cutting of any tailoring garments through Dot Matrix Printer  

Why Pattern Software??

Generally in Tailoring shops , the shop owners mainly depends on cutting master. In most of the shops owners will do that cutting session, But the accuarcy  & perfection of all models will not be same. For this We made a solution and anybody can run shop without any experience or any body’s dependent.

Benefits & Uses 

Our Fashion Dot Pattern making software makes a tailoring shop into perfect fashion studio with uptrending patterns.

You can run shop without any experience cutting master.

you can save upto Rs.20000(approx) per month in your income.

You can improve the performance of pattern making for your own style.

Dont cut any design of pattern with approximation.Get an accurate pattern for any size or model with our pattern making cutting software


Master Blouse Software- Rs. 35000/-

1.  (Brazier Cross Cut Blouse) 2. (Casual Blouse) 3.  (Executive Blouse)   4. (Classic Blouse) 5. (Straight Cut Blouse) 6. (Back Neck Design)  7. (Piping Neck) 8. (Back Button Blouse) 9. (Close Neck Blouse)  10. (Prince Cut Blouse with Side Zip) 11. (Prince Cut Blouse with Back Button)  12. (Prince Cut Blouse with Front Hook) 13. (Katouri Blouse with Front Button)  14. (Katouri Blouse with Back Button) 15. (Hi Neck Blouse)  16. More than 300 Models of Designer Blouses  17. Boat Neck styles  18. Sleeve models. all updated version.we can take perfect paper cutting through Dot Matrix Printer


Master Chudi Software- Rs. 35000

Top Models & Pant Models

 Casual Long Top ,  Punjabi Pant, Casual Punjabi Top, Semi Punjabi Pant, Short Punjabi Top, Gathering Pant (Chudi),Side open with Piping, Semi Gathering Pant (Chudi), Zip Top,  Pattiyala Pant,  Collar Top,  Afghani Pant, Prince cut Top  with Zip ,Double side Pattiyala, Anarkali,Sleeve Models,  Anarkali Umbrella with Prince cut10. 32 Part Anarkali (Net or Cotton), 16 Part Anarkali (Net or Cotton), Pant color mixing top, Apple cut top, Boat neck styles and  all updated version.we can take perfect paper cutting through Dot Matrix Printer  

System – Hardware Requirements

  • SYSTEM                                 =        DESKTOP OR  LAPTOP
  • PROCESSOR                        =    MINIMUM  DUAL CORE OR IT’S LATEST)
  • OPTICAL DEVICE               =    DVD R/W
  • RAM                                       =    MINIMUM 1 GB  ( PREFERABLE 2GB FOR NEW SYSTEM)
  • PRINTER                                 =      DOT MATRIX PRINTER 136 COL PRINTER (Preferable Model: TVS MSP 245 or Epson LX 1310.)
  • PAPER SIZE                            =      15X12 (15 INCH WIDTH X 12 INCH HEIGHT ) DOT MATRIX COMPUTER PAPER (1000 SETS PER BUNDLE)

Updates                                      =             Updates will Be Done Through the Internet.

Internet                                      =             Internet Connection is Must for Updates.

OPERATING SY STEM               =    Windows 7 Or Windows 10