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Fashion Dot Tailoring Technologies

Purpose To Reduce tailoring Shop work pressure.

Mostly work pressure happens in Shop management and pattern making.

You can learn tailoring at home.

Can run shop without any experience.

Our Awesome Products

Training DVD

  • Fashion dot gives you tailoring training from home get best results and perfect quality its leads beginner to proffessional tailoring …
  • Tailoring Training Dvd and Manual books for Tailors and¬†beginners in Tailoring..
  • Fashion Dot Gives Ultimate Guide To Be a Proffessional Tailor.

    • Learn Professional Tailoring Any Time Any Where…

Pattern Making Software

Pattern Making software is providing ultra perfection pattern with in a minute and you can take printout of any size and designs

Laser Cutting software

Laser cutting software makes perfect & accurate patterns for all sizes & models of tailoring garments , So we can cut any model or patterns of any size instantly.It makes your work simple & elegant with perfections.

Garment cutting software

Garment cutting software makes complete pattern creating and cutting for all garments which reduce man power for textile Industry with complete perfection for readymade manufacturers.

Fashion Dot

Fashion Dot provides cutting software, laser machine cutting software to make tailoring shops with smart cutting technology.
Blouse pattern making printout software
Chudidhar pattern making printout software
Tailoring training DVD for blouses& chudidhar
Automatic Laser cutting Software for all garments