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Customer Queries - FashionDot

Our laser machine can cut a maximum of 6 to 8 layers at the same time. No matter what type of material it is, it can easily cut up to 8 layers. Also, you can adjust the Speed ​​and Power control option of our laser machine to suit the thickness of the fabric and cut from a minimum of 1 layer to a maximum of 8 layers of fabric at the same time.

Our laser machine can only cut up to 8 layers but in places like Readymade Basis Garment, we have to cut from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 100 layers of fabric. And our Fashion Dot Tailoring CAD Software creates customized patterns based on the customer’s measurements. So, this laser machine is not suitable for places like bulk-cutting garments. We can use this laser machine only in places like Tailoring Shop / Boutique.

In our Tailoring CAD Software, Nighty Patterns can be cut according to customer measurements, but this laser machine alone is not sufficient for Garments who only cut and sew Nighty Patterns. Because the laser machine can only cut up to 8 layers maximum so readymade nighty Garments are not suitable.<br><br>

(Note: In tailoring shops, dresses like nighties are usually stitched and these shops are cut and stitched according to individual sizes. Our Laser Machine is only suitable for these places)

Our Laser Machine measures up to 7×5 feet in length and width. Our laser machine can work in a room or space of 10×10 feet in width with a total length of up to two feet required to place the Chiller and Blower at the back of the machine.

Once our software book is done, installation and training will be provided directly or online, and then lifetime support and service will be provided if there is any doubt regarding the software. Once we book the software, we provide Life Time Service in methods like
  • Model Update
  • Training Videos
  • WhatsApp Group Support.
  • Model Update
Once the Software Book is done, new models will be updated in the software every two or three months.
  • Training Videos
Once the software is booked, installation and training are provided either directly or online and in case of doubt we provide training videos for measurements, usage, sewing, etc.
  • WhatsApp Group Support:
Once the software is booked, installation and training will be provided directly or online. In case of any doubt, a WhatsApp group will be opened in your name and in this WhatsApp group, people like executive technical engineers and fashion designers will help you.